Research projects









Research projects are undertaken to pursue the research ideas and interests of Institute members, and upon the request of other stakeholders (e.g. public authorities, economic and scientific research bodies, service providers) who require qualitative or quantitative survey research in the area of Strategic and Operational Business Management, and/or the interrelation between entrepreneurial success and governmental policies. The projects are approved by the executive board of the Institute.

Current research projects: 


  • Humanisation of Work - a dialog between Human-Philosophy and Economics


  • Successful entrepreneurship in an international context – are we in need of “European Business Leaders”?


  • The role of managers in strategy formation and implementation


  • Analysing the competitiveness of Regions using the ISOPU-model


Current research ideas/future projects:



  • The future challenges facing public authorities in the national and international competition for new regional business development 


  • Demographic change: a dearth of qualified professionals combined with international competition for talent: how can public policies support enterprises?

  • How can economic development benefit from successful entrepreneurship?


  • How can we early identify young academics who have the potential to become international business leaders?