The primary goals and offerings of the Institute of Strategic and Operational Business Management are:


One goal is doing research on strategy as practiced in national and international organisations and the challenges they face, both now and in future. We focus on the correlation between the efforts of regional, national and international economic development agencies and entrepreneurial success.

We follow an interdisciplinary approach which relies on intensive cooperation with scientists from international universities. Our methods of research are mostly quantitative or empirically qualitative. We are specialized in customised studies and analysis.



Results which, beyond their contributions to science, also give fresh impetus to the economy in general as well as provide momentum for regional, national and international economy development organisations. These insights should help both entrepreneurs and public authorities to achieve sustainable long-term growth. 


Because of our international, interdisciplinary and cross-industry experiences we can fundamentally support organizations in all business areas.



We share our knowledge with scientists, students, lecturers and other interested parties, especially entrepreneurs, managers and public-sector economic developers through development of extension programs, lectures, seminars, networking events, conferences, consultancy and publications.




We believe that strategy is not something that organisations have - it is something that people do. In our research we focus on the everyday micro-level activities of people. Our theories and impetus are practice-based and practice-oriented.


We integrate international students into research projects. In this we directly support the development of tomorrow's international entrepreneurs and business leaders. These young academics also constitute an important group within our current and future network of scientists, entrepreneurs, service providers and other groups of stakeholders from the economy, as well as public promoters of industry and commerce.