Advantages for public economic development authorities

  • Research and analysis in the area of current and future challenges, e.g. local/regional


      - The competitiveness of Regions (using the ISOPU-model)

      - Attractiveness for new business settlement

      - Competitive (dis-)advantage and gap analysis

      - Business networks and mix of industries

      - Strategic business risks such as withdrawal of key

         local employers

      - Strength/weakness analysis from the view of the economy

      - Impact of demographic change on regional industry and trade 

      - Scarcity of skilled personnel and qualified manager

      - Effectiveness of networks between public authorities, economy

        and science 


  • Consultation on strategies for the public promotion of industry and trade - local/region-improvement concepts.


  • Our entire international network is at your disposal (e.g. intl. renowned scientist, intl. enterprises – markets and buying sources – investor, experts of various professional disciplines etc.).