Services and advantages for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

  • We conduct international research across various areas of business management. We strive to continuously increase our knowledge base in order to better understand the complexity and challenges of rapidly changing environments; in this way, we also continually augment our ability to support business leaders with cutting edge research and the latest in industry best-practices.

  • We undertake studies and carry out analyses on behalf of our stakeholders. Neutrality and research quality are always given highest priority.

  • We focus on the interrelation between entrepreneurial success (initiatives, foundation of new companies) and public promotion of trade and industry (on regional, national and international levels). The results of our studies should provide direction for economic development strategies.

  • Due to our deep, comprehensive international experience across industries, we can assess and advise mid-sized and large organisations on their strategic and operational strengths and weaknesses, in order to identify potential for optimisation, future opportunities and risks. We can provide cross-sectorial benchmarks as well as industry best-practices, best-strategies and best-methods.

  • We offer lecturers, seminars, courses and extension programmes (with certificate) on the various subjects within Strategic and Operational Business Management. With these services we strive to improve skills of managers and give them new ideas, momentum and impetus for sustainably managing their organisations towards success.

  • We moderate company-internal workshops to conduct internal and external analyses in collaboration with managers. The results and recommendations form a base for organisational restructuring or repositioning strategies and provide a guideline for change-, quality- and innovation management strategies.


  • We place our entire international network of experts at your disposal, ranging from internationally renowned scientists, entrepreneurs and experienced managers; to public authorities, service providers, banks, and investors; through to specialists in various professional disciplines: law, tax consultancy, auditing, family offices, private equity, leasing, insurance, etc.